When the Lord wants to get your attention, He uses all manner of signs and wonders!

One night, a friend of mine and I went to a concert down the road at the Promiseland Church on 51st street.  We relished the worship time with Kim Walker Smith, but as the main speaker came on, we both individually felt a prompting to leave.  Finally, we decided to slip out and head to the HOPE Prayer Room worship set that was simultaneously going on.  As we walked down the hallway, we discussed the oddity of this prompting to leave, and then, we walked out of the building.  WOW! What a sky!!  Pinks and purples and oranges, like the evening sky was on fire!

As we knelt and prayed thanksgiving for the show of God’s glory in the cloud colors, I noticed that the clouds started to take on a different shape, and before I knew it, I pointed out to my friend that it looked like an x was marking the sky right over the HOPE Prayer Room, which was newly launched, and she looked at me and said, “An x, or a cross?”

So we raced to the car to head down the road and show others what we were seeing, that we felt the Lord was marking His seal over the HOPE Prayer Room, but in the two minutes it took to get in the car and head out, the sky, just as it had shifted before, was now void of the brilliant colors we had seen and was just a muted gray sky with some streaks of blue lingering.  So thankful I thought to snap this picture!

While this would not be the only time the Lord would show me signposts in the sky, it certainly was one of my favorites!

Two other pictures from that evening…

The sky just prior to the Cross appearing…


The sky two minutes later as we were about to leave the Promiseland property.

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