Recently, I’ve been reading Song of Songs, with a deeper understanding about how this reflects the progressive maturing of our faith as we become more and more in love with Jesus, knowing Him as a safe Savior.*  In Song of Songs 2:4, “He has brought me to His banquet hall, and His banner over me is love.”  This verse gives me such a visual of His love for me – He brings me to a place of safety and honor, He nourishes me on the finest of blessings, He declares His love with His banner, and He covers me with the same.  A few days later, a friend I haven’t seen in awhile gave me a Hebrew worship cd of a Jewish singer, Ruth Fazal, and in the first song she sings “Digli alayikh ahava” – “My banner over you is love.  How the Lord loves to confirm His truths over us…like the banner, the Word is love.

I invite everyone to submit a verse the Lord is speaking to them and any revelation you would like to share. I find an absolute joy when others share what God is revealing to them and witnessing how that Word is part of their overall journey with the Lord.

  • * from Mike Bickle – The Song of Songs Notes


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