Kyle joint assistance center – ADRN providing comfort to survivors in Oct 2015 floods.


During the Central Texas October 2015 floods, multiple communities were affected by the devastating historical flood, as far reaching as San Marcos.  My assignment for this deployment was to lead the CISM teams at the joint assistance centers in both the Dove Springs Recreation Center in Austin, as well as the Kyle center.  So many people had already had their homes damaged by previous floods, the most recent being the horrific Memorial Day Weekend floods earlier that year.

The Kyle center was packed with people, so much so that we had to start giving numbers and estimated times for those waiting.  Any available space, inside or outside, was used for CISM teams to walk the survivors through the details of the disaster, the impact it had on them, and the hope they could take with them as they moved forward in the process of stabilizing and restoring.

Pictures on scene

CISM teams providing emotional comfort to flood survivors.


Hundreds of survivors came to the Kyle joint assistance center! Thank You Lord for providing for each and every one!


Survivors being assisted at the Dove Springs Rec Center after the October 2015 floods.


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