Ministering to a survivor waiting for the doors of the resource center to open.


While this was a relatively short deployment, we were still able to have a significant impact on people who had been affected by this fire – some even for a second time from the 2011 fire, and some even from fires before that.  I can’t imagine what it must be for someone to lose their home and their possessions, rebuild, lose it again, rebuild, and then lose it a third time.  What resiliency it takes to come back from that kind of trauma!  What a task it was to bring hope to those who could quite find that resiliency the second or third time around!

Pictures on the scene

Rain after a fire is not always helpful to the families trying to sift through the soot to find personal items that remain.


It’s not always doom and gloom during deployment – a good joke slips in there once in awhile. : )


Media coverage

Austin American Statesman “Old Antioch Road resident David Parrott…”