Praying for survivors in Denham Springs.
One of my favorite moments in the field during deployment is to stop and pray for people!

On scene, the disaster deployment site is filled with noise, hustle and bustle, quick shifts in focus, and lots of action.  But in the midst of all that, to join hands and settle down our minds and hearts before the Lord is a piece of heaven on earth.  Whether the survivors are already believers or not, they welcome the opportunity for someone to pray for them, to take them to a place of stillness, hope, and comfort.  It’s palpable.  The moment the Holy Spirit starts talking through you, delivering messages that are tailor-made for the people you’re praying for.  It’s palpable.  The surge of His presence in that space where two or more are gathered.  It’s beautiful – to see people break down and weep with smiles on their faces, the sweet release of so much stress and strain, a gentle stream of living water flowing from their eyes.

There are many valuable services we provide out in the disaster field, but none equals the power of prayer as it brings hope into crisis!  May we always walk in the Spirit – “More of You Lord, less of me.”