Fire Pearl Missions is the name of my missionary season, and the Fire Pearl vision came while I was walking in the Spirit…

During a time of deep listening to the Lord, I inquired of the Lord how He saw me. After a few moments of settling down, I found myself atop the snowy peaks of the Rocky Mountains, sitting with Jesus, looking out at other snowy peaks surrounded by clouds – it was beautiful and peaceful. I reveled in that moment with Him, and then I asked, “Lord, how do You see me?”  Before I knew it, we were in the Throne room, and He pulled out a large, flat-rimmed abalone bowl, and in the bowl were many pearls of all colors, sizes, and lustre rolling around – pink, black, white, yellow, blue, off-white…and then I see Him reaching toward one that was truly like a fire opal, a dazzling mixture of colors that sparkled, and I asked as I saw His hand reach for it, “Lord, is THAT me??”  As He picked it up in His fingers, the solid pearl turned into a burst of fiery starburst multi-colored light that reached to the farthest horizons, piercing darkness every where, so bright it nearly blinded me.  I bent my head down, and said, “Lord, I think You picked up the wrong pearl or something, because I’m not sure that’s me.”  I found it hard to believe myself as this brilliant starburst of light that reached far and wide and filled every space.  In His sweetness, the Lord nodded and replied, “As a pearl, you are beautiful to Me – rare and worth much, but when you allow Me to pick you up in My hands, My Light fills you and you are much more.”

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When it came time a couple of weeks later to pick a name for my mission and my website domain, it was a no-brainer:  FIRE PEARL MISSIONS, because I want to allow the Lord Jesus to do whatever He wants with my time, my resources, and my heart!  I’m in it to win it, Lord!  I’m in it to run my race to the end!

As I came back to my surroundings with my jaw still open in disbelief, I realized that in taking this step forward as a missionary, I am allowing His Light to fill me up and “greater works than these” I will do – truly my faith is being stretched and tested at just the thought of what He showed me, let alone doing.  I thank the Lord for granting me this vision; I treasure it!  I thank the Lord for increasing my faith and my capacity to keep my eyes on Him.